Smart-y Pants?

It’s 2018, and throughout our homes and workplaces we are constantly bombarded with Smart-this, Intelligent-that and the ubiquitous iWhatever. Question is, how many of these ‘smarts’ actually make sense and how many are just, well,… pants? Smart-for-the-sake-of-it seems to be a common trend among developers and manufacturers but once the gimmick has worn off, are there enough tangible benefits to justify the not-insignificant investment from the end-user?

A surefire example of low hanging fruit in the ‘smart’ arena is smart lighting. Great in the home where dimming, scheduling and scene setting from an App in the palm of your hand all deliver an excellent user experience but even better in an industrial environment. Long the bastion of aged and inefficient discharge lighting, warehouses, factories, cold storage facilities and workshops have long suffered the drawbacks of these technologies; long warm-up periods, no dimming, annoying ‘restrike’ delay, poor CRI and troublesome maintenance/relamping to name but a few. Now consider LED in comparison – highly controllable, instant illumination, long life, low maintenance, low heat (which is great for cold storage sites) and, of course, excellent efficacy – all benefits which make LED lighting eminently suitable for such applications.

Whilst a change to simple LED luminaires can offer attractive energy savings, add in a smart motion sensor and the magic really starts to happen. Alongside the aforementioned array of LED benefits, occupancy dependent lighting – where lights are only illuminated in areas where & when there is a human presence – delivers lighting control and energy management on an entirely different plane and savings of up to 90% on energy costs can be expected. Throw in an ECA tax claim and recovery of the original capital investment can be achieved in well under three years, after which the year-in-year-out savings drop directly onto your bottom line. Better lighting and smaller utility bills – what’s not to like?

Intelligent LED lighting – smart tech, smarter results and a smart move by FM’s who are willing to advocate and embrace the technology.

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