LEDs have already been around for many years but recent advancements in the underlying solid-state technology now make LED’s eminently suitable for commercial & industrial lighting applications.

LEDs operate brilliantly in a broad range of environments and applications.
LEDs are inherently very controllable, with instantaneous ON/OFF operation & smooth dimming. Frequent ON/OFF switching actually increases the LED’s useful life, rather than causing earlier failure as is the case with other lighting technologies.
LEDs are significantly more energy efficient than older lighting technologies. Whilst initial costs are higher for LED, these are quickly recouped via the significant energy savings.
LED is a proven & reliable technology, offering long product lifetimes and very low maintenance.
LED’s generally deliver better quality light than older lighting technologies. More of the light generated is visible to the eye, with the result that greater luminance can be achieved using less energy.


Whilst the cost of LED lighting will decrease over time, these savings are minimal compared to the energy savings that LED can offer – there is no benefit in waiting to change to LED, NOW is the time for businesses to act.

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