Lumiqs™ believe that your lighting should provide maximum performance coupled with maximum efficiency, but with a minimum of fuss and complexity. Our systems are designed to be installed and commissioned quickly, to operate intelligently and seamlessly, and to deliver long-term benefits. Compared against traditional lighting technologies energy savings of up to 90% can be expected which, when coupled with significantly reduced maintenance costs, can deliver a payback period of only 2 – 3 years on the initial capital investment.

Control in the palm of your hand
All features of the system can be configured quickly and easily using the hand-held infra-red remote control unit. No computer, complicated software (or lighting consultant) required!

Seamless networking
Each Lumiqs™ product features a built-in RF (radio frequency) transceiver, allowing it to communicate wirelessly with neighbouring units to form an intelligent lighting network. The network is easily configured upon installation by simply ‘walk testing’ the area where the units are located – no complicated manual settings to worry about. Once set up, the network ensures that when a specific LED luminaire is activated by motion, neighbouring LED luminaires also illuminate simultaneously at a dimmed level (30% or 15%) to enhance the comfort and safety of the user.

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