Lumiqs™ Intelligent Lighting systems are designed to provide light only when & where it is needed, and furthermore at only the minimum level of brightness required. When correctly configured, both of these factors can drive significant energy savings, particularly in locations that are frequently unoccupied.

All products feature an integrated PIR motion sensor to detect the presence of human beings, forklift trucks etc. When movement is detected the LED light will immediately illuminate. Neighbouring light units will simultaneously illuminate at a dimmed level to provide further convenience, comfort and safety.

In areas where there is a degree of natural light or light from other sources, the intelligent system will automatically provide only the minimum amount of additional light necessary to maintain an appropriate level of illumination in the area where used.

Where no motion is detected the lighting can be switched completely off, or set to remain on at a dimmed level, thus providing a comfortable level of constant illumination whilst still yielding significant energy savings.

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