A range of products for every application, designed purely to provide better, brighter lighting whilst consuming less energy. The combination of ultra-efficient LED with intelligent automatic sensor control dramatically cuts energy costs, whilst delivering a brighter, safer and more comfortable environment for your customers and employees.

LUMIQS-HBLIntelligent LED Highbay – 110W 13,000lm
110W, 13,000lm, Efficacy 118lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
Product Ref : HBL13K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL13K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W
LUMIQS-HBLIntelligent LED Highbay – 180W 24,000lm
180W, 24,000lm, Efficacy 133lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
Product Ref : HBL24K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL24K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W

LUMIQS-HBLIntelligent LED Highbay – 235W 30,000lm
235W, 30,000lm, Efficacy 128lm/W, CCT 4000K or 5000K
Product Ref : HBL30K4KC3PIRG-EU-M-W or HBL30K5KC3PIRG-EU-M-W
LUMIQS-MidBay-BannerIntelligent LED Midbay – 125W 13,500lm
125W, 13500lm, Efficacy 120lm/W, CCT 5000K
Product Ref : MBL-PIR-EU-M-W

LUMIQS-LBL-plusLED Linear Luminaire plus – 43W 6,900lm with 2.4GHz Mesh Networking
43W, 6,900lm, Efficacy >150lm/W, CCT 5000K
Product Ref : LBL7K5KCBC-M-W
LUMIQS-LBLLED Linear Luminaire – 43W 6,900lm
43W, 6,900lm, Efficacy >150lm/W, CCT 5000K
Product Ref : LBL7K5KC-D-W

LUMIQS-LBL-plusData Gateway Accessory
Works exclusively with LED Linear Luminaire plus
Product Ref : LBLGWBC-M-W