2019… A Great Start

Lumiqs has had a great start to 2019 across Europe.
By the end of the first quarter we will have achieved our target number of Lumiqs users and a UK stock holding to help supply smaller businesses with fast and effective delivery times.

Customer Insights

We recently helped a customer with 8 sites across the United Kingdom. Whilst monitoring the energy usage across the estate, they very quickly realised that their lighting was one of their heavier financial burdens on the business. Lumiqs surveyed all 8 sites and it was not only the high energy usage, but the inconsistent maintenance costs for replacing failed bulbs and luminaires. Expenditure included new luminaires, ‘cherry pickers’ for the odd replacement at various sites, call out charges, and costs for an assortment of retro-fit LED, florescent and Metal Halide luminaires all of which made for a very costly and inconsistent working environment.

The above graphic shows the savings in just 1 of the 8 facilities that Lumiqs lighting can make. 8 sites took just under 3 weeks to roll out the installation and commissioning. The return on their investment was just over a year. With 50,000 hrs of use and PIR detection to keep usage to a minimum, Lumiqs will keep on delivering light for many years without expensive and unpredictable maintenance costs and well beyond the payback period. Multiply these improvements across 8 sites and the overall savings are colossal.

We have access to flexible HP financing schemes over 3, 4 or 5 years that can spread the cost of the investment, and in most cases the monthly repayment is less than the original SON/HID monthly lighting bill!

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