WE ALL KNOW that LEDs are great at saving energy and money, right?…
but do you know HOW MUCH you could save?
Our example case study demonstrates that by switching your existing industrial lighting to Lumiqs LED luminaires with smart occupancy sensing, you could save YOUR business up to 90% on its lighting energy costs. We offer great lighting, competitive pricing, real energy savings AND we can help to spread the cost of your investment via our flexible finance packages.
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It’s 2018, and throughout our homes and workplaces we are constantly bombarded with Smart-this, Intelligent-that and the ubiquitous iWhatever. Question is, how many of these ‘smarts’ actually make sense and how many are just, well,… pants? Smart-for-the-sake-of-it seems to be a common trend among developers and manufacturers but once the gimmick has worn off, are there enough tangible benefits to justify the not-insignificant investment from the end-user?

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The Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion sensor… tucked anonymously away in the darkest corners of our homes, or cruelly exposed to blazing sun and biting cold alike in our gardens and driveways, patiently waiting for a visitor or intruder to come along so that it can carry out its life’s work. Often overlooked, yet always vigilant, the humble PIR has been ‘watching our backs’ for almost 40 years.
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As the ‘shortest day’ in the Northern Hemisphere approaches, there will be around 15hrs of darkness daily… very different to just 6hrs of darkness on the ‘longest day’.

Lighting is generally one of the biggest overheads a company faces, especially at this time of year and against a backdrop of ever-increasing energy costs. The good news is LED lighting technology is also evolving rapidly, with ‘Intelligent solutions’ leading the way in the fight against costs and carbon emissions.
Lumiqs Intelligent LED High Bay is a high performance & trusted solution for warehouses, factories, cold storage, retail and many other industrial applications. Manufactured and engineered to the highest quality standards and leveraging IQ-group’s 30 year history as a global leader in motion sensor technology, the product offers the potential for energy savings of up to 90% compared with older, inefficient technologies.
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For all you tech-savvy guys out there, you can now download IES data files for our intelligent LED lighting products directly from this website. Just browse to the PRODUCT section, select the product you need then choose the DOWNLOAD LINKS tab. Click the relevant link to view the file, or right-click SAVE AS (ctrl+click on Mac) to download a copy.

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The Lumiqs team were delighted to be awarded “Best Eco Booth” at the recent BEX Asia event at Marina Sands, Singapore. Overall the event was a great success, with many visitors making time to stop by our booth to hear how their businesses could benefit from the adoption of Intelligent LED Lighting.


Intelligent, ultra-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial & industrial applications.