Money for Nothing

Dire Straits probably didn’t have LED lighting in mind when they wrote their classic song ‘Money for Nothing’, but once your traditional HID lighting is replaced with Lumiqs ‘SMART’ LED, you really could be earning money for nothing. With potential energy savings of up to 90% payback ROI is super quick, and the initial monthly outlay – including finance costs – often remains less than you were previously paying just for the energy your lighting consumed alone!

Natural Light is Best

Sky light panels are a common feature in warehouses, even those built 20 – 30 years ago. Installed to maximise the benefit of natural daylight, the intention was that the sky lights would enable inefficient industrial lighting to be switched off during daylight hours. In reality this rarely happens, with lighting generally illuminated constantly while ever the warehouse is occupied – day or night.

The above image is a typical example. All the LED lights are switched on 100% throughout this vast modern warehouse, despite the fact that a good level of natural light is coming through the sky lights. Areas around the periphery of the warehouse are also artificially illuminated, regardless of that fact that they are unoccupied. A waste of energy, money and a clear example of DUMB LED.

Lumiqs SMART LED technology is designed to automatically determine both when and how much artificial light is needed in the warehouse. The PIR motion sensor ensures lights are only switched on in areas where people are working. In tandem, illuminance at floor level is constantly monitored, enabling the SMART LED light to provide just the right amount of supplementary light required when levels of natural light alone are insufficient. This balance between natural light and artificial light maintains a constant overall level of illumination, leading to a more efficiently lit warehouse. Coupled with inherent low maintenance and long lifetime, SMART LED really does deliver on saving energy and saving you money.

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